Club Bylaws

1. Always show respect to other V.W. Clubs.

  1. Never bad mouth a car or person
  2. Always respect the grounds and/or venue of V.W. Show.
  3. Always vote fair and without prejudice.

2. Never put the V.W. Club in harm’s way.

  1. Verbal and/or physical abuse will not be tolerated by individuals in our club or by family members or friends.
  2. Any violations of club bylaws by visiting family members and/or friends is the responsibility of the club member.
  3. Never bad mouth our club.
  4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is okay for adults 21 and over, but know when you’ve had enough.
  5. Never drive after recent consumption of alcohol.
  6. Consumption of Alcohol by anyone under 21 is prohibited and is a criminal offense. Ensure that you are not breaking any laws regarding underage drinking.
  7. If interviewed on camera or radio, always remain professional.

3. When at V.W. events, the Deutschlanders shirt or jacket should be worn. Events are as follows:

  1. Club meetings
  2. V.W. Shows
  3. Club Outings
  4. Shirt may be removed when cleaning or working on car.
  5. You may alter your club shirt/jacket anyway you feel necessary.
  6. V.W. Jackets may have any patches you like.

4. Initial Club Fees of $25.00 per person

  1. Fees are renewable each year and due on April 1st. Renew fees are $20.
  2. Club shirt.
  3. Monthly Newsletter. Available on the website or via mail.
  4. Postage
  5. Club Card – Club card when presented to Sebring West will get you a club discount on parts only. Deutschlanders are not responsible for change in discount or discontinuation of card at Sebring West.
  6. Children under 16 of current members are welcomed to become “Lil’Deutschlanders”, with no fee.
  7. Once 16, they are expected to pay full membership dues.

5. Car show or swap spaces will be provided by the individual that wants to sell his or her items. If multiple club members would like to sell, the cost of the space will be divided by the club members.

6. All for one, and one for all.

As a member, we are all expected to help our club mates in times of distress. If another member has broken down or is otherwise having problems, each is expected to lend a helping hand, including tools and gas. As always, safety should be first.

7. No club member should take or steal from the club, Club cars, Club members of Club venue. Any member taking/stealing from the club in the form of monitory values or knowingly sneaking non-members into club events are all grounds for removal from the club.

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